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The Advantages and Application Range of Infrared Lens

1. Advantages of infrared lens

1. The focus of infrared lens is consistent with visible light, and the image is more clear.

2. The infrared lens adopts the latest optical design and special optical glass material (LD optical glass) technology to eliminate the focal plane shift of visible light and near-infrared light.

3. The infrared lens adopts a special ED lens to solve the "out-of-focus" problem of ordinary electric zoom lenses under infrared light conditions.

4. The infrared lens adopts special coating design and the use of special optical materials, so that the light in the 350-950nm band can be well corrected for chromatic aberration. IR infrared corresponding technology is also generated accordingly, and there is no need to adjust it again for 24 hours a day. Therefore, the monitoring system can obtain clear imaging with the assistance of infrared light source.

2. Application range of infrared lens

The application range of infrared lens is very wide, it can be used for special purpose corresponding to infrared, but also can be used as ordinary lens. In other words, depending on the use occasion, the infrared corresponding lens can be used flexibly with conventional color cameras, black-and-white cameras, and day-night conversion cameras. The black-and-white camera does not have an infrared cut-off filter, but the spectrum of daylight also contains infrared light, so even in daylight conditions, the imaging of the black-and-white camera will be interfered by infrared rays. Therefore, the corresponding infrared lens can effectively improve the image quality.

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