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  • HYP IR Lens CatalogFebruary 27, 2019view
  • DFM/ DFA InputNovember 26, 2020Specialized in Design for Manufacturability/ Assembly (DFM/ DFA), we help our clients optimize cost-performance ratio from prototyping to launching commercial products.view
  • Inspection ProcedureInspection ProcedureDecember 4, 2020Hyperion tests every optical specification on the print 100% and provides complete inspection data and Certificate of Compliance (COC) for each production batch. Our manufacturing and QA inspection process...view
  • DFM/ DFA ExpertiseFebruary 4, 2021A wide range of elements manufacturing capability spanning across UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR applications. With our expert design team’s support, we can work with customers from both design and m...view
  • In-House MetrologyFebruary 4, 2021Our extensive inspection capability offers our customer full quality support to meet excellent products delivery. Your parts distributed under strict internal quality control. Further, Hyperion Optics...view
  • 1February 25, 2021Hyperion offers fabrication services for a wide range of optical components, custom made to your specifications. Our manufacturing capabilities enable us to deliver the optimal product material mix fr...view
  • HOMEDecember 12, 2016
  • Asphere LensesAsphere LensesFebruary 17, 2017The complex surface profile of an asphere can significantly reduce or even eliminate spherical aberrations comparing to spherical lenses. Hence, asphericals have been increasingly more widely explored and adopted during the optical design stage. Aspherview
  • Achromatic Cylindrical LensesAchromatic Cylindrical LensesFebruary 17, 2017Achromatic cylindrical lenses are ideal for eliminating spherical and chromatic aberration at the image plane, for example using monochromatic light source, achromatic cylindrical lenses can form a 50...view
  • Optical DomeOptical DomeFebruary 17, 2017Glass domes are widely used for commercial applications which require protective boundary between different environments; domes perform as windows, providing protection to electronic sensors or detect...view
  • Bandpass FilterBandpass FilterFebruary 17, 2017Band pass filter can separate a band of monochromatic light, the ideal transmittance of band-pass filter through the bandwidth is 100%, while the actual band-pass filter pass band is not the ideal squ...view
  • Chalcogenide LensesChalcogenide LensesFebruary 17, 2017Chalcogenide glass is containing one or more chalcogens (sulfur, selenium and tellurium, but excluding oxygen). Chalcogenide components are becoming popular in various IR applications due to its excel...view
  • Cemented Prism CubeCemented Prism CubeFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics are specialist of providing custom prisms, meanwhile, we are also capable of precision prism bonding of custom design.From simple bi-prism bonding to multiple elements cementing, we pr...view
  • Spherical LensesSpherical LensesFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion offers a variety of spherical/ singlet lenses across the spectrum, including Plano-Convex/Concave, Bi-Concave/Convex, Positive and Negative Meniscus in a wide range of materials.view
  • Achromatic Doublet  LensesAchromatic Doublet LensesFebruary 17, 2017At Hyperion Optics, with decades fabrication experiences, we have been providing our customer a vast number of achromatic lenses for their applications in different precision grades, please check ourt...view