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Hyperion Optics is a premium supplier of photonics products including optical components, lens systems, and optomechanical assemblies in UV, Visible, NIR, and SWIR applications.

We at Hyperion Optics offer a wide range of components manufacturing service, custom made to your specifications. Our manufacturing capability enables us to fulfill your product material mix per your application, from UV band to IR wavelength.

If your design incorporates a complex combination of components, such as aspherical surfaces, doublet, and triplet in optical glass or IR materials for high-end application, Hyperion Optics would be your optimal choice. Our years of manufacturing and assembly experiences can help ensure you reach your project goals within your budget.

Our lens/ windows manufacturing capabilities also include high-speed polishing technique and traditional polishing process for the purpose of prototyping with relatively low volume (2-5 pcs), for customer’s optical performance approval. Aspherical shaping and polishing are also available for a low-volume production plan.

Hyperion optics has equipped Zygo interferometer and profiler, and spectrometer in measuring surface accuracy and transmission (T%) on components. With our in-house metrology laboratory capability, we are able to deliver high-precision quality products with a quick turn-around timeframe.

Hyperion's custom components fabrication includes:

  • DFM/ DFA Expertise: A wide range of elements manufacturing capability spanning across UV, VIS, NIR, SWIR, MWIR, LWIR applications. With our expert design team’s support, we can work with customers from both design and manufacturing perspectives, thereby achieving the optimal cost-benefit ratio in a given project.

  • In-House Metrology: Our extensive inspection capability offers our customer full quality support to meet excellent products delivery. Your parts distributed under strict internal quality control. Further, Hyperion Optics will stand behind your part's quality in its life cycle.

  • Effective Prototyping: With the decades of experience in components manufacturing, we are comfortable with low-volume prototyping before going into mass production. Our in-house coating chamber can help you save cost by slotting your custom components into our regular coating routine.

Hyperion is committed to our product's quality meeting your expectations. With our experienced production staff and ISO:9001 compliant metrology process, we are confident to ensure you a worry-free procurement experience.


  • Spherical LensesSpherical LensesFebruary 17, 2017At Hyperion Optics, with decades fabrication experiences, we have been providing our customers a vast number of spherical lenses for their applications in different precision grades, Our strength reg...view
  • Achromatic LensesAchromatic LensesMarch 10, 2017With over a decade of production experience, we have significantly improved our achromatic spherical and cylindrical lenses manufacturing. From the beginning stage during evaluation, we help customers with material selection for cemented elements, thorougview
  • Aspherical LensesAspherical LensesFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics’ manufacturing equipment expand our aspherical products’ capabilities to LWIR applications, from high precision VIS imaging systems to infrared athermal lenses. Our process enables precise fabrication on optical glasses and infrared materiview
  • Cylindrical LensesCylindrical LensesFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics has been working closely to innovators and photography equipment designers who develop customized anamorphic systems where use cylindrical lenses as image aspect ratio changer, such as...view
  • Infrared LensesInfrared LensesFebruary 17, 2017We work on a wide range of infrared materials that covers almost full infrared spectrum. We use laser based edging device to control MWIR and LWIR lenses’ decenter deviation, and test on reflective c...view
  • MirrorsMirrorsFebruary 17, 2017Optical Mirrors are designed to reflect light for a variety of applications, including beam steering, interferometry, imaging, or illumination. Optical Mirrors are used in a wide range of industries, ...view
  • FiltersFiltersFebruary 17, 2017We equipped with 4 coating chambers to provide various filters to our customers. For custom specifications, please talk to our coating engineers, we are more than happy to simulate the coating result ...view
  • PrismsPrismsFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics supplies a range of prisms to meet UV-Visible-NIR applications, with high surface quality and tight tolerance angles. Our materials selection ranges from flint/crown glasses,fused sil...view
  • WindowsWindowsFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics supply a range of custom precision grade windows, to seal optical enclosures especially suited to low power laser applications. Windows can be provided uncoated, or AR coated on single...view
  • DomeDomeFebruary 17, 2017At Hyperion Optics, we have strict control of wall thickness variation spec by utilizing most reliable deterministic CNC machine tools, we grind and polish optical glass, fused silica and zinc sulfide...view
  • CrystalsCrystalsFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics provides optical components, including laser crystals for a wide range of laser, semiconductor, military, space and fiber optics applications. We work on high power visible and UV ligh...view
  • Laser OpticsLaser OpticsFebruary 17, 2017Protect scan lenses from backsplatter and other workplace hazards, Hyperion Optics offers protective windows -- also known as debris windows -- that are either included as the overall scan lens assemb...view

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