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  • Rapid PrototypingRapid PrototypingFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics has leading advantages in rapid prototyping services for LRIP (Low-Rate Initial Production) and Proof-of-Concept projects.view
  • Opto-Mechanical DesignOpto-Mechanical DesignFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics specialized in optical system design and prototyping. We provide services ranging from custom lens design, to opto-mechanical design. Our customers not only hire us to manufacture comp...view
  • Optical Design & AssemblyOptical Design & AssemblyFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion's expert engineering and production teams work on 40+ custom lens projects every year. Our services range from feasibility research, design specifications verification, preliminary design, design optimization, cost/ performance analysis, to prototyping and volume production.view
  • MetrologyMetrologyFebruary 17, 2017As an optics supplier, Hyperion believes in quantitative science. From component-level production to complex lens assemblies, Hyperion employs quantitative measuring devices along every step of production to monitor and safeguard quality.view
  • Coating CapabilityCoating CapabilityFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics provides anti-reflective, high reflective, dielectric, BBAR, V-coatings, dual wavelength coatings, and sharp cut-on and cut-off filters. Hyperion Optics can provide all types of anti-re...view
  • Inspection ProcedureInspection ProcedureDecember 4, 2020Hyperion tests every optical specification on the print 100% and provides complete inspection data and Certificate of Compliance (COC) for each production batch. Our manufacturing and QA inspection process...view