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Collimator Lemses Achieve Efficient Lighting

Researchers from information photonics laboratory of Xi’an institute of optical precision machinery, Chinese academy of Sciences have designed collimator lenses with efficient lighting for Led. Recently, John Wallace who is the editor of international authoritative magazine in photoelectricity field made a special report for this new design in LED OPTICS column.

LED achieves efficient lighting and collimator lighting as fourth lighting source, that is to say, collimator lenses play an important role in it. John Wallace thinks that designers designed two kinds of non-imaging collimator lenses by a fast and easy method, this is so different from the present Led optical design, which is using complicated iterative software design. This collimator lens is very efficient, it can focus 80% ray of light from Led into cylinder with 5 meters radius and come out pavement, which is 200 meters far away from light source.

Collimator is made up with several lenses, if its is focused collimator lenses products, its performance and stability must be better than generally constructed lenses.

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