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    Neutral Density Filter

    • Introduction

    Neutral Density Filter

    Neutral gray-scale filter is a non-selective filter, that is, ND mirror for a variety of different wavelengths of light to reduce the capacity is the same, uniform, only to weaken the role of light, and The original color of the object will not have any impact, so you can reproduce the real scene contrast.

    The main purpose of using ND mirrors is to prevent over-exposure.

    For example, when you want to extend the exposure time when the light is strong, use the ND lens to reduce the light entering the lens, you can use a slower shutter shot. For example, in the daytime when the light is strong with slow shutter speed to capture the waterfall to show the virtual effects of water and other special effects, you need ND mirror.

    Our ND filter products

    The density ranges from 0.1-8

    The band covers NUV / VIS / NIR

    In addition, we have a gradient neutral grayscale filter and color gradient filter to choose from.

    Neutral gray-scale filter

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