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ZnSe Focusing Lenses, Protective Windows, Scan Lens, F-Theta Lens

Protect scan lenses from backsplatter and other workplace hazards, Hyperion Optics offers protective windows -- also known as debris windows -- that are either included as the overall scan lens assembly part, or sold separately. These plano-plano windows are available in both ZnSe and Ge materials and also supplied mounted or unmounted.

ZnSe protective windows feature our standard AR or DAR coating. Ge protective windows feature either our standard AR coating, or an optional diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) designed to withstand the most severe conditions likely to be encountered in industrial operations.

For lasers with infrared wavelengths, such as, for example, 10.6 µm in CO2 lasers, lenses and windows made of zinc selenide (ZnSe) are used. Silicon or copper mirrors are used as mirrors. Phase shift mirrors used to produce circular polarization are also available. Beam expanders and diffractive elements for beam shapes complete our product range.

Zinc selenide components are primarily used for transmissive optics. They are made exclusively with high quality "laser grade" material that can be used even in the kW range. When coated, these zinc selenide elements have a transmittance of T > 99.5 % at 10.6 µm

  • ZnSe Focusing LensesZnSe Focusing LensesMarch 14, 2017Hyperion Optics supplies off-the-shelf ZnSe focusing lenses. Please select from below specifications.SpecificationsDiameter Tolerance +0/-0.13mmThickness Tolerance ±0.25mmFL Tolerance <±2%Centrat...view
  • Protective WindowsProtective WindowsMarch 14, 2017Protective Window is applied to isolate different physical environments while allowing light to pass through. When selecting windows, please consider the material, transmission, scattering, wave front...view

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