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    Calcium Fluoride Lenses

    • Introduction

    Calcium Fluoride Lenses

    Hyperion Optics supplies uncoated 1/2 inch and 1 inch in diameter Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) lenses. Please talk to our technicians for your custom requirement. We are also able to provide coated products with AR coating through 1.65µm or 2-5µm.

    CaF2 has high transmission rate through 0.18-8.0 microns, used for UV and IR spectral high transmission applications. With its outstanding laser power damage threshold CaF2 lenses also are widely used under excimer laser environment. Its refractive index is comparatively low from 180nm up to 8.0 microns, ranges from 1.35 to 1.51. CaF2 has low dispersion, in visible wavelength applications, it shows superior vivid and exquisite imaging performance compared to regular optical glasses.

    Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) lenses transmission

    However, Calcium Fluoride components are difficult to manufacture in actual production. The material itself is soft and easy to leave fabrication marks and scratches on the polished surfaces. At Hyperion Optics, with our decade experience of CaF2 production, we have outstanding surface accuracy and cosmetic control method, our typical surface quality grade is 40-20 according to MIL-C-13830A.

    Calcium Fluoride




    Diameter Tolerance(mm)




    Center Thickness(mm)




    Wedge (Arc min)








    Figure Tolerance inλ(Pow/irreg)

    2.5 - 1.5

    2 - 1


    Coating (T% avg)

    Depends on Different Working Wavelength


    Calcium Fluoride

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