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What to Do if There is Fog Inside the Projector Lens? What is the Cleaning Method?

Projector lens specifically refers to the lens used in micro-display projectors. It is a key factor affecting the quality of projection, with different lenses directly impacting clarity, color, brightness, uniformity, and more.

If there is fog inside the projector lens, what should I do?

  • Turn on the projector and let the internal temperature of the projector rise, allowing the fog inside the lens to evaporate with the increasing temperature.

  • If the fog in the projector lens does not dissipate after some time, try using a hair dryer on the lowest setting from a distance to assist with removing the fog.

  • If the problem still cannot be resolved with the fog on the surface of the projector lens, it may indicate that the lens surface has accumulated airborne particles and dust. Use a professional cleaner to clean the lens and then use lens paper and cotton swabs to clean it thoroughly.

  • If the fog is inside the projector lens, the projector needs to be disassembled and the optical machine needs to be cleaned. It is recommended to contact the official after-sales service for replacement. In fact, fogging of projector lenses is a normal phenomenon, especially in humid environments. Try to place the projector in a drier location when using it if possible.

How to clean the projector lens

Most of projectors do not have dust covers, so they are prone to collect dust from the air. When it accumulates to a certain extent, it can affect the projection screen, so the projector lens needs to be cleaned. So, how should we clean it exactly?

  • Use a blower to blow away large particles of dust and sand on the surface of the projector lens; 

  • After blowing away large particles of dust, gently use lens paper to wipe away any remaining dirt; 

  • Using a cotton swab with a small amount of lens cleaning solution, remove any remaining dust particles by dabbing or scraping; 

  • Use a clean cotton swab with lens cleaning solution to wipe the lens in a spiral motion from the center of the lens to the outer edge, without repeating the process; 

  • Use another clean cotton swab in the same way to wipe the lens until no cleaning solution remains. If it is not clean after one attempt, replace the cotton swab and repeat the process.

This is the complete content of projector lens cleaning method. In general, the operation is not complicated, but be careful when wiping it. If too much force is used, it can scratch the lens and lead to unnecessary economic losses.

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