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    Achromatic Cylindrical Lenses

    • Introduction

    Achromatic cylindrical lenses

    Achromatic cylindrical lenses are ideal for eliminating spherical and chromatic aberration at the image plane, for example using monochromatic light source, achromatic cylindrical lenses can form a 50-90% smaller spot comparing to a singlet lens.

    Achromatic cylindrical lenses are typically introduced into system designs for the highest-power laser or imaging applications, such as anamorphic projection and anamorphic photography, Hyperion Optics can manufacture such lenses based on the custom design doublet or triplet achromatic cylindrical cemented lenses by using centering alignment device with UV curing unit, which allows us to process precision bonding and testing simultaneously. Every singlet is fully inspected before bonding.

    anamorphic lenses

    We are capable of producing achromatic cylindrical lenses up to 150mm in diameter with reliable anti-reflective coatings, centering precisely controlled on the optical edging device, and surface accuracy strictly defined on Zygo. Further, we also help our clients with adopting Chinese CDGM or NHG equivalents in achromatic cylindrical design, offering a flexible and quick-turnaround solution in LRIP cases.

    Please check out our anamorphic lenses for more information. If you are in the stage of developing your own anamorphic lenses, don’t hesitate to contact one of our optical engineers for a free consultation to receive design input/ suggestions from the manufacturing perspective. 

    AchromaticCylindrical Lenses




    Size Tolerance Length/Width(mm)




    Diameter (mm)




    Wedge (along axis)

    5 mrad

    3 mrad

    1 mrad

    Focal Length Tolerance (%)








    Irregularity (Lambda @ 632.8nm)

    1 L

    1/2 L

    1/10 L

    Centration (Arc min)




    Coating (T% avg)





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