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Hyperion Optics’ cylindrical components have been widely used for laser based applications with reliable optical performance and durability. We are able to provide Zygo report of all cylindrical surfaces we produce, and intensive measurement can be met upon customer’s request, such as optical axis deviation.

Cylindrical Lenses
Hyperion Optics' manufacturing equipment expand our aspherical products’ deliverability to LWIR applications, from high precision VIS imaging systems to infrared athermal lenses, we are able to process on optical glasses and infrared materials such as Germanium, Zinc Sulfide, Zinc Selenide, Calcium Fluoride, Chacolgenide glasses etc.

Aspherical Lenses
We work on a wide range of infrared materials that covers almost full infrared spectrum. Hyperion Optics supplies Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide, Silicon, Germanium, Gallium Arsenide, and Calcium Fluoride, Barium Fluoride as well as Chalcogenide spherical lenses and aspherical lenses.

Infrared Lenses
Hyperion Optics provides low volume lenses manufacturing, starts from 5 sets, including achromatic doublet and triplet, our volume manufacturing cost is so affordable that will make your products outstanding in the markets with premium quality.

Lens Assembly
Singlet lens is a lens consisting of a pure single element, which can be considered as the fundamental element of developing optical systems. Based on optical engineers’ design, multiple singlet lenses might be utilized within an optical system with other optics.

Spherical Lenses

    Hyperion Optics always believes in the concept of bringing “Precision, Performance, Satisfaction, Cost-wise products” to our customers to meet the expected procurement experience. We are not simply manufacturing components and lenses, but delivering a comfort and worry-free user experience with outstanding quality assurance promise to you.

    Enjoy the commercial and get an idea what we can help you with.

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    Hyperion Optics is a leading optics supplier of photonics products including optical components, lens systems and opto-mechanical assemblies in UV, Visible,NIR, SWIR applications. Our clients spanning across defense, security, bioengineering, pharmaceutical, institutional, industrial and research industries worldwide. We specialize in DFM (Design for Manufacturing) input from rapid prototyping to volume production. Our comprehensive metrology coupled with our cost-effective philosophy help Hyperion customers obtain a competitive edge in the global market.

    Compared to other Chinese vendors, Hyperion has the most experienced engineering team to provide technical backups and consultation for our customer with multi-languages skills, seamless communication is also an advantage. Free consultation for your optical system and preliminary design is also available now!

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