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Lens Assembly

Lens Assembly

Hyperion Optics has more than 40+ custom precision assembly projects ongoing every year, from prototyping to mass production scale, range from objective microscope lenses, expanders, SWIR/MWIR/LWIR lenses and more. With our reliable optical/mechanical design capability, we are confident to achieve challenging assembly jobs.

Hyperion Optics manufactures optical components required in your assembly thereby enabling you to achieve your goals in fewer and more efficient steps, we are dedicated to being a top-quality source for construction services, meanwhile to bring you the precision you expect at lower prices which help to stay competitive in the market.

We welcome customers who need full support from Hyperion Optics’ design department to offer a comprehensive service including optical design, optical engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing, and assembly. With research and study of your current application, our solution will be inevitably embedded perfectly into your system, our 15 people’s optical/engineering team stand behind your request 100%. Further design adjustment and optimization also is applicable according to your actual usage.

We serve our customer by providing manufacturing components and assembly services according to the existing layout, and further to optimize the original design upon request, or we take full responsibility to develop and manufacture the lens. Through the years, we have off-the-shelf and pre-engineered lens products, please refer to our lens category for detailed information, or send your inquiry to our professional technical sales.

Our second to none lens optical design service offers:

  • Free design consultation: we offer free preliminary design result for your concept feasibility study, Pragmatic suggestions will be provided.

  • The material recommendation, with our decade’s experiences of working with major glass vendors, we always come up with the most cost efficient and reliable material mix and solution.

  • Parameters analysis upon special request. Customers have the best understanding of their system and application; we are more than happy to run additional simulations and analysis per customer’s unique interests during the design stage.

  • Strict quality control for the design project. We developed a unique project based QA team for design projects exclusively, which consists of the top inspectors and engineers who are qualified for solving the most complicated problems during prototyping and assembly till inspection. Led directly by both heads of engineering and QA.

  • Custom inspection requirement. We understand that each program has its unique acceptance criteria; Hyperion Optics is willing to work with the customer to develop the most suitable control methods and invest what is necessary based on our current metrology setup.

Please browse our featured lenses category to know what we can help you with your project development; We are one of the best optical lens suppliers, and our custom design lenses service can facilitate your project no matter it is a feasibility approval case or commercial series production.


  • Anamorphic LensesAnamorphic LensesFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics specialized in custom anamorphic lenses design and production. We have been customizing unique applications such as projection and anamorphic photography. Generally speaking, these len...view
  • Collimating LensesCollimating LensesFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics offers the most affordable custom design collimating lenses, including singlet or chromatic lenses. Customers might find the collimators they purchase for their system do not perfectly...view
  • Fisheye LensesFisheye LensesFebruary 17, 2017Typically fisheye lens has a front lens group of a greater negative refractive power than an ordinary inverted telephoto wide angle lens, with a large back focal distance. Its extreme power distributi...view
  • Beam ExpanderBeam ExpanderFebruary 17, 2017Beam expansion or reduction is a common application requirement in most labs using lasers or light sources and optics. Users always find there are so many off-the-shelf beam expanders, however, hardly...view
  • SWIR LensesSWIR LensesFebruary 17, 2017Shortwave Infrared wavelength band offers a unique imaging advantages over visible and other thermal bands. So it is quietly earning a growing place in industrial machine vision for quality inspection...view
  • MWIR LensesMWIR LensesFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics hold sophisticated algorithm for optics design optimization process back-up by powerful workstations. The unique optimization allows reduced complexity in the optical element/system sp...view
  • LWIR LensesLWIR LensesFebruary 17, 2017LWIR lens plays a critical role in thermal imaging surveillance applications, beyond night vision capabiliity, critical targets differentiation in poor vision conditions is considered the most practic...view
  • Microscope LensesMicroscope LensesFebruary 17, 2017Hyperion Optics is expertized in challenging custom design and manufacturing microscope objective lenses range from UV to Infrared wavelength, for applications including quantum computing (Observation...view
  • Projection LensesProjection LensesFebruary 17, 2017Projection lens and photographic lens is a pair of opposite lenses, the camera lens is used to image the outside world to the CCD or COMS in the digital format, on the other hand the projection lens t...view
  • Quantum Photonics LensesQuantum Photonics LensesFebruary 17, 2017Mr.Jack Zhang (Ph.D.) has been focusing on the quantum computing and quantum network by the system of trapped ion and related quantum photonics technology, to achieve the goal of establishing the distri...view
  • Surveillance LensesSurveillance LensesFebruary 17, 2017Our CCTV camera lenses come in many forms, including fixed focal-manual iris, fixed iris-manual focus, varifocal, motorized zoom lens options, and pinhole lenses. Each security camera lens we offer pr...view
  • Telecentric LensesTelecentric LensesFebruary 17, 2017In many machine-vision systems, such as those used in semiconductor inspection, precise repeatable measurements must be made consistently. To ensure this occurs, system developers must turn to more ex...view
  • Zoom LensesZoom LensesFebruary 17, 2017As opposed to a fixed focal length (FFL) lens, Zoom lens focal length can be varied, when maintains its focus. Changing the airspace between the lenses, the lens focal length will change; Such as CCTV...view
  • F-theta LensesF-theta LensesFebruary 17, 2017Don’t have a complete design? No problem!F-Theta Scanning Lenses are commonly used in laser marking, engraving, and cutting systems. Used in conjunction with a galvanometer, beam expander, and Nd:YAG...view
  • Miniature LensesMiniature LensesFebruary 17, 2017With the rapid growing market of consumer electronics and mobile phones, miniature cameras performance is becoming more challenging compared to years ago. However, manufacturing cost, packaging, imagi...view

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