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  • The Difference Between Aspherical Lens and Spherical LensA sphere uses one curvature on the whole surface, just like cutting from a sphere. A non-sphere has different curvatures such as cutting from an ellipse. The main purpose of non-spherical is to solve ...view
  • What Are the Characteristics of Fisheye Camera Lens?Ⅰ. What is a fisheye camera lens?A fisheye camera lens is a special type of ultra-wide-angle lens. It is small and super wide, showing a distorted spherical world view, most obvious in the curved out...view
  • Introduction of Aspherical Achromatic LensⅠ. Introduction of achromatic lensOrdinary achromatic lens refers to a lens group that corrects the color difference of light of three wavelengths such as blue, green, and red. Because the focus of t...view
  • The Principle of Achromatic LensⅠ. Introduction of achromatic lensAchromatic lens refers to an improved camera lens, which can reduce or eliminate the color difference. So that, different colors such as blue, purple, and yellow can...view
  • Comparing Cylindrical Lenses with Ordinary Spherical LensesⅠ. What is a cylindrical lens?Cylindrical lens is generally used to focus incident light on the line or change the image's aspect ratio. It can form a linear image, and the direction of the beam ...view
  • How to Use Cylindrical Lens?Ⅰ. Introduction of the cylindrical lensIn most cases, the cylindrical lens is made of cylindrical glass, where the cylindrical surface of the cylindrical lens is a precision-treated (curved) optical ...view
  • Aspherical Lenses and Cylindrical LensesⅠ. Understand aspheric lensThe aspheric lens has a better radius of curvature and can maintain good aberration correction to obtain the required performance. The application of aspheric lenses brings...view
  • Difference Between Fixed Focal Length Lens and Zoom LensThe zoom lens is a camera lens that can change the focal length within a specific range to obtain different field angles, images of different sizes and different scene ranges. The most prominent featu...view