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  • Application Design of Infrared Optical LensesInfrared optical devices, commonly known as IR optical devices, are used to collect, focus, or collimate spectra in near-infrared (NIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), medium-wave infrared (MWIR), or lon...view
  • What is a Penta Prism?Prism is a piece of triangular glass or plastic. Prism works because different colors of light propagate at different speeds inside the glass. Because colors of light propagate at different speeds, th...view
  • What Are the Scenarios for the Infrared Lens?Monitoring camera infrared light refers to invisible light with a wavelength greater than 750nm. Any object in nature emits infrared radiation, and by using this property, people can see many things i...view
  • Introduction and Characteristics of Sapphire GlassIntroduction to Sapphire GlassSapphire Glass generally refers to synthetic sapphire, which is quite different from natural sapphire as commonly understood by people. It is usually used to manufacture ...view
  • The Role of Fisheye LensesFisheye camera lens is a type of lens with a very short focal length and a viewing angle close to or equal to 180°. It has a focal length of 16mm or shorter. It is an extremely wide-angle lens and is...view
  • How to Use Fisheye Lenses?Understanding Fisheye LensesA fisheye camera lens is a type of lens with a focal length of 16mm or shorter and a viewing angle that is close to or equal to 180 degrees. It is an extreme wide-angle len...view
  • What Are the Uses of Sapphire Lenses?Sapphire lenses are excellent optical lenses with good transmittance in ultraviolet, infrared, and visible light bands. They can meet the requirements of multi-mode composite guidance. Sapphire filter...view
  • What Do You Need to Know About Custom-Made Optical Lenses?Many customers who want to customize optical lenses are not professionals in the optical industry and may not be familiar with the technical requirements when making demands for their customized lense...view