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  • Tips on Selecting The Bandpass Filter1. What is Bandpass Filter?Bandpass Filter is optical filter that passes one or more specified wavelength bands while blocking other wavelength bands. Bandpass Filter refers to wavelength ranges and i...view
  • Basic Knowledge About SWIR Lensens1. SWIR Lenses is also an optical lensSWIR Lenses refers to the wavelength range between 900nm and 2500nm, which is invisible to the naked eye.Light is an electromagnetic wave. SWIR lenses is located...view
  • How to Choose a Laser Lens?1. Choose a laser lens with excellent technologyAs the foundation and important part of the optoelectronic technology industry, laser lenses need to provide a good guarantee for technology, especially...view
  • How to Judge the Quality of Optical Lenses?Ⅰ. There is no good or bad optical lensesTheoretically speaking, the optical lenses can only be suitable or not. Generally, the more expensive the optical lenses, the better the image quality. The op...view
  • Classifications of FiltersAlthough there are many types of filters, they all have the same basic function: transmit light of a specific wavelength or color range while preventing the remaining wavelengths from passing through....view
  • The Direction of the Filter and the Effect of Temperature on the Wavelength1. The edge of the filter is engraved with arrows to indicate the recommended direction of the light transmission filterAlthough either side of the filter facing the light source can filter light, it ...view
  • Basic Concepts and Parameters of Optical Filters1. The basic concept of optical filterAn optical filter is simply an optical device used to selectively filter the required radiation band. The substrates are mostly optical materials such as white gl...view
  • The Basics of Bandpass FiltersBandpass filters are used to transmit the required wavelength range and cut off the unwanted wavelength range. Their design is essentially a thin film formed by vacuum deposition technology, which con...view