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  • What Are the Differences Between High Precision Grinding Spherical Lens and Aspherical Lens1. Spherical lens and aspherical lensLenses have different shapes and different parameter requirements. Nowadays, spherical lenses and aspherical lenses are often seen. Let’s take a look at the diffe...view
  • What is a Collimator Lens1. Overview of collimator lensThe collimator lens is for point light sources, and the so-called point light sources, we see more in our lives, such as: match head lighting, old-fashioned flashlight bu...view
  • What is a Corner Cube Retroreflector1. What are corner cube retroreflectorsWhat are corner cube retroreflectors? Today, let’s take a brief understanding. The corner cube retroreflector is generally called Paul prism or Pro prism. It is...view
  • What is the Collimation Function of Beam Expander1. The collimation function of the beam expanderThe beam expander also has a collimating function, but the beam expander is aimed at the beam (beam with a certain divergence angle). Many lasers on the...view
  • Production Process of Cylindrical LensThe production process of cylindrical lens mainly includes rough grinding, fine grinding, polishing, centering and edging.1. Rough grinding of cylindrical lensGenerally, the rough grinding of a small ...view
  • What is a Micro Lens Array?At present, people have been able to make lenses and lens arrays with very small diameters. Such lenses and lens arrays are usually not recognized by the human eye. They can only be observed with micr...view
  • How to Choose the Projection Lens, Prism and Lens?1. Classification of projection lensThere are basically two types of projection lenses, one is prism and the other is lens. Prism-type projection lenses are anamorphic lenses composed of one or more p...view
  • Why Use Penta Prism for SLR Cameras?People nowadays are very familiar with SLR cameras. SLR cameras are single-lens reflex viewfinder digital cameras. The principle of SLR cameras is to use a single lens to view the view, and the light ...view