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Grasping the Deformation and Use Skill of Lens of the Camera

People have found that image will be out of shape when we use wide-angle lens, which is harldy seen in a medium telephoto lens, that is why many people think wide-angle will make photo out of shape while medium telephoto lens won’t. In fact, whether images will be out of shape or not is not totally up to lens,  to a great extent, it is up to lens usage. The deformation of images is not up to the focal length of lens, deformation is a necessary result of perspective rule.

Camera lens don’t have the regulatory function like brain, it can just record the image that is decided by geometrical optics, that’s why everything looks small in the distance and big on the contrary, deformation is a necessary result, which can not be avoided with any camera lens. However, there is a rule can be followed for this kind deformation, it can be made to the acceptable degree if it is dealt properly.

Not all wide-angle will cause deformation, its main reason is the too close distance, so if the distance is suitable, deformation can be controlled. Besides, there is deformation on the edge of wide-angle lens and ultra-wide lens, therefore, trying to avoid object(especially human) keeping away from central position( unless deformation is needed). At last. Using deformation on the side and non-deformation in the center of wide-angle and ultra-wide lens to shoot theme without deformation while other objects are out of shape for contrast purpose.

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