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Why Use an Anamorphic Lens? How to Use It?

If you like to shoot videos, you must have heard of anamorphic lenses, and even considered buying anamorphic lenses. What exactly is an anamorphic lens? Is the video shot with it really similar to the movie?

1. Why use an anamorphic lens?

Just one reason: Hollywood style. Most movies have an ultra-wide aspect ratio. The most common is 2.39:1. But the aspect ratio is only one of the reasons for deformation. Using an anamorphic lens, you can capture wide-angle images with super shallow depth of field. This is the epic movie "Hollywood Style" we have longed for. This style can definitely make your photos stand out. Another feature of anamorphic lenses is that the unique horizontal lens flare can create a mysterious atmosphere. Watching some good style movies, you will fully understand what I mean.

2. How to shoot with an anamorphic lens?

Anamorphic lens, which is an optical lens that allows the projection image to be extended laterally into the standard screen. Cinematic is a feeling that cannot be fully expressed in words. It requires the collaboration of lens, lighting, composition, lens movement, and color toning. The anamorphic lens can bring almost iconic cinematic effects such as elliptical out-of-focus, blue horizontal brushed glare and so on. But this is only one of the non-essential conditions, and it is impossible to determine whether the video has the style of a movie. With the anamorphic lens used in the movie camera, it is obvious that the structure is stretched up and down. Anamorphic lens does not mean that the lens can be deformed, but refers to the deformation processing of the projected image through the lens. There are many types of anamorphic lenses. The anamorphic lens mentioned here mainly refers to the projector's external accessories that were born to meet the requirements of viewing 2.35 to 2.40:1 ratios, and usually refers to the anamorphic lens that changes from 16:9 to 2.35:1.

If you use an anamorphic lens, you don't need to be a photographer, and the resulting picture effects are comparable to those of a photographer. Why not try to use a DSLR or still camera? If you are looking for a real Hollywood style, it is fun to give it a try. You can use an anamorphic clip to mount an anamorphic lens on a fixed focus lens. Then, first focus on the fixed focus lens, and then focus on the anamorphic lens. However, this requires some practice, especially when you want to focus on objects that are not in the center of the frame. In fact, it is easier to shoot the landscape with an anamorphic lens first. Once you are familiar with its operation, you can try to shoot some deformed portraits.

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