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Miniature Lenses

  • Introduction

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With the rapid growing market of consumer electronics and mobile phones, miniature cameras performance is becoming more challenging compared to years ago. However, manufacturing cost, packaging, imaging quality impose unique challenges for optical designers.

At Hyperion Optics, we have been continuously providing the most precision micro and micro-miniature optical components manufacturing service as well as optical design and assembly for sophisticated micro imaging devices, for scientific, commercial, medical and sensory technology markets. We are equipped to meet the most challenging specifications and tolerances.

miniature cameras customization

Our micro lenses fabrication capability ensure our clients products tiny as 3mm in diameter, 0.8mm in center thickness, 1/4 lambda of surface accuracy. All of our miniatures lenses are built in custom manner, please talk to our engineer for your own micro system requirement, to learn how we can help you taday.

miniature cameras


The miniature lens is the product of modern high technology. It is also known as micro monitor, with the feature of small volume and powerful. Its concealment is better.

The application of miniature lens:

The miniature lens is widely used in aviation, commercial, media, enterprises and institutions, family and other industries. The appearance of miniature lenses brings convenience to people's life, while some phenomena related to enterprise secrets, personal privacy also arises. Special miniature lens have also been used in medicine to examine human organs or animal organs.

Performance test:

Measuring the performance of miniature lens, mainly depends on clarity, color reducibility, illuminance, backlight compensation. Second, it depends on the distortion of its miniature lens, the power consumption and the minimum working voltage.

Adjust to the minimum working voltage, and use multimeter to measure the current, and use small voltage regulator to adjust voltage, and calculate power consumption.

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