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Lens Assembly and Assembly Methods

1. Introduction of lens assembly

With the development of imaging technology and the widespread use of electronic products with camera functions, optical lens assemblies are widely used in various fields of life. Optical lens assemblies often contain multiple lenses with different functions. These lenses include plastic lenses and glass lenses. When the lens assembly is assembled, the glass lens and the lens need to be assembled through an inclined plane, which will cause many design restrictions and generate stray light.

2. Lens assembly method

The lens assembly includes a lens barrel with an accommodating space, and a lens assembly accommodated in the lens barrel. The lens assembly includes a glass lens. The glass lens includes an optical part for imaging and a positioning part surrounding the optical part. The positioning part includes: the first side facing the object, a second surface opposite to the first surface and a connecting surface connecting the first surface and the second surface. The first surface and the second surface are both flat surfaces, the connecting surface and the lens barrel are spaced apart to form a glue container, and the glass lens and the lens barrel are fixed by glue contained in the glue container. In the lens assembly and its assembling method, the glass lens and the lens barrel are connected as a whole through the glue on the edge of the glass lens, which eliminates the bumping structure between the glass lens and the plastic lens, simplifies the part molding process, and can reduce the interference of stray light .

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