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5 Ways to Use Fisheye Camera Lenses

With fisheye camera lenses, it is very easy to take creative photos. Fisheye camera lenses are usually not very expensive and can shoot very wide scenes. It is important to understand the fisheye lens, know how to use it, and know its pros and cons. Here are 5 ways for you to help your fisheye photography.

1. Ray-like blur

Generally, in order to get the effect of ray-like blurring, you only need to slow down the shutter speed to about 1/25s, and then rotate the camera 90 degrees clockwise. Hold the lens with your left hand and rotate the camera with your right hand. Although not every shot is successful, the chances are still great.

2. The exaggerated curve

Pay attention to this when using a fisheye lens. The closer the line to the edge of the picture, the greater the distortion. If the horizon is arranged in the center of the picture, then it will be horizontal. Arranging the horizon at the edge can greatly exaggerate its deformation. Be careful not to find that your feet are also on the edge of the frame when you play back the photos.

3. Take scenery photos without fisheye effects

Sometimes, we just want a wider scene. At this time, we need a fisheye lens, but we don't want deformed lines. If there is no straight line in the scene, you can shoot with a fisheye lens. The effect looks like an ordinary wide-angle lens, but it has a wider angle of view than a wide-angle lens, so you can include more beautiful scenery into the picture. At this time, pay attention to arranging the horizon in the center of the screen. In this way, you can take a photo with a view angle close to 180 degrees without distortion.

4. The tension of deformed buildings

The tension of the fisheye lens is self-evident, especially in architecture, where there are indoor and outdoor. Outdoors are more difficult to control, unsuccessful deformation, and often lose the original characteristics of the building, so it is recommended to use the main body and scenery to form an interesting effect; while the indoor is better to master, generally can expand the indoor space and increase the building's momentum.

5. Change the shooting angle

The fisheye lens is a prime lens, you cannot change the focal length. Therefore, you need to use your feet to zoom and move around. You can try different shooting angles. You can bend down and lie on the ground to shoot, or lean against a wall and use line deformation to create different effects. Everything is for fun, creativity and surprise.

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