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Aspherical Lens are Lighter, Thinner, Flatter

The spherical lens is with a constant curvature from the center of the lens to the edge, while the aspherical lens changes continuously from the center to the edge. In photographic lenses, many aberrations must be corrected in order to ensure optical performance. If only the spherical lens is used to correct, it is necessary to have a lot of lens combinations for the technical requirements for special advanced lenses, spherical lenses are sometimes unable to correct aberrations to the extent of user satisfaction. The aspheric lens has a better radius of curvature and can maintain good aberration correction to obtain the desired performance. The application of aspheric lens brings excellent sharpness and higher resolution, and the miniaturization design of lens becomes possible.

Various types of aspheric lenses have their own comparative advantages. Major considerations including: quantity, quality and cost.

a. The precision glass forming aspheric lens has the characteristics of mass production and high thermal stability. It is suitable for occasions with high volume, high quality and high thermal stability requirement.

b. The aspherical lens of precision polishing has the characteristics of short molding cycle and no need of mold, which is suitable for the occasion of sample making and small batch of samples.

c. Mixed forming aspheric lens, which has the characteristics of spherical aberration and chromatic aberration, is suitable for the occasion of wide spectrum, large quantity and high quality.

d. The plastic forming aspheric lens has low cost and light weight, which is suitable for occasions of large quantity, moderate quality and low thermal stability requirement.

Hyperion Optics aspherical products can be expanded to LWIR applications, from high precision VIS imaging systems to infrared athermal lenses. Our products have been widely used in optical instruments, image and photonics industry, such as digital cameras, CD players and high-end micro equipment. If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time to purchase.

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