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Understanding the Methods for Cleaning Singlet Lens

We all know that Singlet Lens is very important for SLR cameras, and the imaging quality of photos is determined by the lens. When we go out to travel, we always take our SLR camera with us. Over time, the singlet lens will inevitably become dirty. At this time, we need to clean the lens in order to ensure the quality of the photos. So how to clean a dirty Singlet Lens? We know that lenses with different qualities have different functions. Some lenses have dust-proof functions, and the internal sealing of the lens is better. However, my lens sealing is not very good, and sometimes dust enters, especially when shooting against the light, the image becomes blurry.

How to Clean a Dirty Singlet Lens

Step 1: 

Blow air. Gently blow air at the lens, careful not to touch the lens. If you accidentally blow too hard and spit out saliva, saliva contains various enzymes that could be harmful to the lens. You can prepare some special silicone air blowers in advance and replace them once a year. This can reduce dust on the SLR lens.

Step 2: 

Clean the lens with lens cleaning solution. Lens cleaning solution can be used to clean fingerprints, oil stains, etc. on the lens. Purchase high-quality cleaning solution for better results. Control the amount of solution used during the cleaning process to effectively remove stains on the lens.

Step 3: 

Wipe the lens. After cleaning, use a special lens cleaning paper to wipe the lens. Do not choose inferior cleaning paper, as this can cause the lens to become increasingly dirty. Use a microfiber lens cloth to wipe gently with light force. However, the frequency of cleaning the Singlet Lens should not be too high in order to maximize the protection of the lens.

Attention to Cleaning the Singlet Lens

  • Protect the lens during use. When using an SLR, use a UV lens or a sunshade to protect the lens, especially when shooting in harsh environments. When not in use, cover the lens with a lens cap or install a UV filter to protect the SLR lens from damage.

  • Try to clean the lens as little as possible. Try not to clean the lens unless it is necessary, as it may become dirtier and inexperienced people can scratch the lens. In fact, fingerprints and dust on the lens surface do not have much impact on the imaging effect.

  • Do not clean the lens for too long. The time for cleaning and wiping the Singlet Lens should not be too long. Do not exceed 30 seconds. Long-term cleaning and wiping of the lens can cause certain damage to the lens, resulting in small gains and big losses.

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