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What to Clean the Projection Lens With? Can the Coating Be Repaired?

Ⅰ. What should be used to clean the projection lens?

The projection lens needs to be cleaned with lens paper, cotton swabs and special cleaners, of which the cleaners can be replaced by pure water or high-purity alcohol. detergent. When wiping, it is necessary to wipe outwards from the center of the lens in a spiral shape, do not wipe repeatedly, after a round of wiping, if there is dust on the edge, just wipe off the dust with a clean paper. Be very careful when wiping the projection lens, because the coating on the surface of the lens is very prone to scratches. Once it is scratched, the lens needs to be replaced. Therefore, unless the lens is stained and affects the picture, do not wipe the lens lightly.

Ⅱ. Can the projection lens be wiped with alcohol?

No, the projection lens cannot be wiped with alcohol. When wiping with alcohol, it seems to be in a physical state of oil on the lens. After wiping, it will leave a lot of residual stains, and it cannot be perfectly volatilized, which will affect the subsequent use. In addition, for projectors with coated glass lenses, wiping with alcohol can cause scratches on the lens.

The lens of the projector needs to be wiped with pure water or professional cleaners. The ideal cleaning paper should be ultra-microfiber, nanofiber cloth, and rewashable. When wiping, use a clean paper dipped in detergent to wipe, and wipe outward in a spiral form from the center of the lens. Do not wipe repeatedly. After a round of wiping is completed, if there is dust on the edge, just wipe off the dust with a clean paper.

Ⅲ. How to change the projection lens? Can the coating of the projection lens be repaired?

1. Use a screwdriver to open the fixing screw of the projector, and then use a crowbar to open the projection top cover; 2. Remove the projector light engine, use a screwdriver to remove the light machine fixing screw, and open the light engine; 3. Take out the old projection lens , install a new projection lens, and then install the device back according to the method of disassembly. If it is not necessary, it is not recommended to disassemble the optical engine, because it is easy to damage the sealing of the optical engine and affect the color and brightness of the projection equipment.

Can the coating of the projection lens be repaired? No, the coating of the projection lens cannot be repaired. The only way to solve this problem is to replace the lens. The main reason for the coating lens damage is that the surface of the lens is damaged, which makes it look scratched. Therefore, if the lens is dirty Do not wipe casually to avoid scratching the lens. If the lens coating is spent but has no effect on the picture, then it is not necessary to deal with it.

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