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How Much Do You Know about the Telecentric Lens Application?

1. Application advantages of telecentric lens

One of the important advantages of telecentric lenses is that changes in object distance do not affect the magnification of the image. The telecentric lens observes and displays the entire object from the same angle of view, so there will be no perspective distortion and image position error similar to the three-dimensional features of the standard lens. Even objects inside deep holes are clearly visible in the entire field of view. Therefore, telecentric lenses are very useful when detecting three-dimensional objects or when image size and shape accuracy are important.

2. Application field of telecentric lens

1) Application of Telecentric lens in mechanical parts measurement 

The common application of telecentric lenses is to measure precision mechanical parts. Telecentric lenses are mainly used to control fine mechanical parts, such as springs, screws, nuts and washers.

2) Application of telecentric lens in plastic parts measurement

Another main application for telecentric lenses is to measure rubber seals, O-rings and plastic caps. Because they are easily deformed when moved or manipulated, these parts require completely non-contact optical measurement technology.

3) Application of telecentric lens in glass products and medical parts measurement

Many pharmaceutical glassware, such as vials, capsules and vials, are generally measured with a telecentric lens to ensure complete sealing and prevent damage to the vessel. There are similar applications in the beverage manufacturing industry, such as measuring the thread of a glass bottleneck. Other passive medical devices such as syringes also require telecentric inspection technology.

4) Application of telecentric lens in electronic component measurement

Many other components (such as resistors, transistors, and integrated circuits) require small telecentric lenses to check their integrity, size, specifications, positions, and pin curvature. Electronic drawing boards need to check the spacing of each component. The transmission device of the solar cell module also needs to be tested for its integrity by a near-infrared telecentric lens.

5) Special purpose application of telecentric lens

There are other applications of telecentric lenses, such as:

  • Particle measurement;

  • High-precision color measurement in printing industry;

  • Measurement of photolithography mask;

  • Filter control;

  • Blood analysis and cell measurement.

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