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Fresnel Lenses are Closely Related to Our Lives

At present, the main application fields of Fresnel lens include projection and solar photovoltaic field. Because the edge of the light penetrated through Fresnel lens is soft, it is often used in dyeing lamps. You can place a colored plastic film on the bracket in front of the lens to dye the light, or place metal gauze or frosted plastic to diffuse the light.

Many devices with Fresnel lens allow the lamp to move forward and backward at the focus to enlarge or reduce the size of the beam. It is very suitable for being used in lens projectors, rear projection TVs, slide projectors and collimators, not only because the brightness of the light passing through it is higher than that through the ordinary lens, but also because the brightness of the whole beam passing through it is relatively consistent at all parts.

In the field of solar photovoltaic, Fresnel lens is mainly used as a concentrator in concentrating photovoltaic system, which converts light from relatively large area to relatively small area.

Cheap Fresnel lens is generally made of transparent plastic die-casting or molding, its size can be made larger than glass, and at the same time, it can be lighter and more economical.therefore, large Fresnel lens is also widely used in solar cooker to gather sunlight or solar water heater. In addition, Fresnel lens is also widely used in automotive headlights, taillights and reversing lights. It can tilt down the parallel light initially reflected by the concave mirror, so Fresnel lens is also used to correct some visual obstacles, such as strabism.

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