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How to Maintain Projection Lenses?

Ⅰ. The projection lenses need cleaning and maintenance

Since the projection lens is directly exposed to the air, dust will inevitably fall on the surface of the lens. If the dust on the lens is not removed in time, the clarity of the projected image will be affected. Projection lenses generally have a layer of coating. In the cleaning process, the coating will be scratched and the lens will be scratched, causing irreparable loss to the lens. Therefore, you need to be careful when cleaning the projection lens. The lens is generally not fragile, but the coating is fragile. Therefore, it is recommended not to wipe the lens as a last resort. If you must clean the lens and master some methods is very necessary to protect your projector, then how to maintain the projection lens?

Ⅱ. How to maintain projection lenses?

1. Never touch projection lenses directly with your hands, because the grease on your hands will make the lens blurred.

2. Do not wipe with a cotton ball dipped in any liquid. First, the fiber on the cotton ball is easy to stick to the lens. Once the liquid evaporates, the fiber is difficult to remove. The second is that the coating on the projection lens is very expensive. Although there are many cleaning agents with good advertising effects, liquids with unknown ingredients or water used to wipe the lens are likely to destroy the film on the lens. Even if only a small part of the lens is damaged, it will damage the projection. Usually, the lens supplier will equip the cleaning instruction with the lens.

3. Do not blow the projection lens directly with your mouth. The result of blowing the lens directly will only make the saliva corrode the coating of the lens.

4. It must be more than 30 minutes before shutting down to touch the projection lens. When the lens is hot, no matter how it is cleaned, when the lens is cold, you will find that there are always small suspended objects on it.

5. Please wipe the lens with a professional lens pen. Dust is the number one natural enemy of the projector. Due to the influence of the environment, dust cannot be completely avoided, so we must do a good job of dustproofing the projector. When the projector is not used in normal times, the projection lens must be covered with the lens cap provided with the machine in time. Generally, there will be a lot of dust accumulated in the room, and the dust will be "alarmed" during cleaning, and then adhere to the projector. Therefore, the projector should be covered with a hood before cleaning to avoid being attacked by dust. In addition, if the projector is not used for a long period of time, the projector should also be covered to prevent it from dusting if it is not moved for a long time.

6. Maintenance is more important than cleaning, and it is more important to develop some good habits. No matter how careful you wipe it, the coating on the lens will always be damaged. Try to keep the projection lens clean and don't clean it often. If you find that there is too much dust on the surface of the projection lens, you must use professional props to remove the dust. The dust on the surface can be blown off with air blowing or compressed air.

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