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The Benefits of Zoom Lenses and the Precautions when Using Them

1. The benefits of zoom lens

The biggest advantage of a zoom lens is: convenience. You don't have to bring a lot of lenses on business trips, making it easier. The zoom lens is relative to the fixed focal length photographic lens, and is a lens that can continuously change the focal length. It is composed of multiple groups of positive and negative lenses. In addition to the fixed lens group, there is also a movable lens group. The movable lens group can be moved through the zoom ring on the lens barrel. By changing the distance between the lens elements, the focal length of the lens can be continuously changed. The ratio of the longest focal length to the shortest focal length of a zoom lens is called the zoom magnification of the lens. At present, the zoom lens used in the camera has a zoom magnification of 10 times (10-100mm) and 15 times (10-150mm). The higher the zoom magnification, the stronger the ability to record scenes and express space. Conversely, the lower the zoom ratio, the weaker.

The focal length of the zoom lens can be changed continuously and quickly. Therefore, if you change the focal length of the lens, it can play the similar role of several fixed focal length lenses. When the shooting position, angle, and focusing distance remain unchanged, the zoom lens provides more convenient conditions for photographic creation, is conducive to the composition of the picture, and can save frequent lens changes and corresponding time changes. This kind of lens is conducive to capturing, and it is convenient to carry when going out for photography. Therefore, zoom lenses are widely used by film and television creative workers.

2. Precautions for using zoom lens

Issues that should be paid attention to when using a zoom lens: In order to obtain a clear image during shooting, when using a zoom lens as a fixed focal length lens, you should first change the focus according to the selected focal length, and then adjust the focus accurately according to this focal length. When using a zoom lens in a fixed camera position and zooming to simulate the "push and pull lens" effect, you should first adjust the zoom lens to the desired longest focal length, and then adjust the camera before shooting.

When using the zoom to "push and pull", you must also pay attention to the accuracy of the start and fall of the picture. The direction of the push and pull should be determined according to the movement direction of the subject and the needs of the plot. The speed of the push and pull should be uniform, and too fast or too slow speed is not appropriate.

When using handheld shooting, find a suitable support point to prevent the image from shaking. In addition, when shooting with a zoom lens, you cannot abuse the zoom technique regardless of whether the situation, subject matter, form of expression, and effect are ideal. This not only fails to help the audience understand the image of the picture, but also makes the audience feel unnatural and uncomfortable, which affects the expressiveness of the program content. Therefore, each screen should be handled according to the needs of the content to achieve the desired effect.

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