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Different Advantages of Each Aspheric Lens Type

Since the lens performance required for all applications is different, it is very important to choose an appropriate aspheric lens. Key factors to consider include your project schedule, overall performance requirements, budget constraints, and projected quantities.

Spot lenses are available immediately, so many applications may be satisfied with the use of off-the-shelf aspherical lenses. However, these standard aspheric lenses can be quickly and easily modified by antireflective film or can be reduced in size to meet the requirements of standard products. If spot products are insufficient to meet the demand, customized aspheric lenses can be used for prototyping, pre-fabrication or mass manufacturing applications.

Here are the advantages of different types of aspherical lenses

1. Precision glass forming aspheric lens

It is very suitable for high-volume production, because it can produce a large number of lenses quickly, and the tool maintenance cost is low.

2. Precision polished aspheric lens

It is very suitable for small batch production, because the delivery time is short, only a small number of special tools and settings are needed.

3. Hybrid aspheric lens

It is very suitable for multispectral applications because spherical aberration and achromatic aberration correction can be provided simultaneously.

4. Plastic moulded aspheric lens

It is very suitable for high-volume production and is a low-cost, light-weight alternative product for aspheric lens.

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