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Classification of Optical Lenses and Their Functions

Optical glass refers to glass that can change the direction of light propagation and can change the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light. Optical lenses are made of optical glass. The definition of optical glass is a glass that has specific requirements for optical properties such as refractive index, dispersion, transmittance, spectral transmittance, and light absorption, and has uniform optical properties.

1. Optical lenses

Optical lenses mainly include glass and resin. The glass sheet has high hardness and is heavy and fragile; the resin sheet has strong light transmission, light weight and is not easy to break, and can protect against ultraviolet rays, but has poor wear resistance. The thickness of optical lens design depends on the degree and refractive index. The center of myopic lens is thinner and the periphery is thicker. The higher the degree, the thicker the optical lenses, and the higher the refractive index, the thinner the optical lenses. Those with high refractive errors choose high refractive index lenses. 

2. The cleaning method using resin optical lenses

When using resin glasses, the glasses should be cleaned regularly to keep them clear. When cleaning, do not use paper towels or lens cloth to wipe directly, but should be rinsed with clean water first, if it is stained with grease, use dish soap or neutral soap to clean, and rinse with clean water, then dry naturally, or use a soft glasses cloth to wipe off the water gently, try not to rub the glasses directly when wiping, and avoid scratching with sharp or hard objects.

Optical lenses have relatively good light transmittance and mechanical and chemical properties, a constant refractive index, and stable physical and chemical properties. The optical lens has superior properties and high refractive index. Hyperion Optics specializes in the production of optical lenses, welcome to consult.

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