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New Applications of Optical Lens Bonding

Optical manufacturers usually use mercury lamp UV ovens when they glue lenses to lenses. Now most optical factories have realized the concept of environmental protection and energy saving, as well as the yield and efficiency, so the UV LED light source plays a very active role in the lens bonding process.

Optical lenses are pre-cured by gluing and pre-curing with a certain size and area of UV LED point light source. Then enter the oven (this device can use UV LED surface light source, also can use halogen lamp or mercury lamp, it is recommended to use UV LED light source), which greatly improves the efficiency, and it is not easy to make the optical lens center deviate. And the UV LED light source does not need to be preheated, that is, on-demand.

Ultraviolet power output of 100% instantaneously. Usually we use "UV LED point source" to pre-cure "UV glue" for optical lens bonding from 0.5 to 1.5 seconds.

The differences between point source and traditional UV lamp are as follows:
1. Extra long service life: The service life is more than 10 times that of traditional mercury lamp curing machine, about 3 to 5 years.
2. Cold light source, no heat radiation, low temperature rise of the surface of the illuminated object.
3. Instantaneous lighting, no need to preheat to achieve 100% power ultraviolet output immediately.
4. Service life is not affected by opening and closing times.
5. High energy, stable light output, good uniform effect of irradiation, improve production efficiency.
6. Effective irradiation area can be customized, diameter and length from 2 mm to 500 mm.
7. Mercury-free, ozone-free, is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light source technology.
8. Low energy consumption, 10% power consumption of traditional mercury lamp curing machine, can save 90% power, a point light source of UV LED is 20W.
9. Maintenance cost is almost zero. Using UV-LED curing equipment can save at least 1 to 20,000 yuan per unit of consumables per year.
10. Small and light. A UV LED point light source weighs about 3KG.

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