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Surveillance Lenses

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 CCTV camera lenses

Our CCTV camera lenses come in many forms, including fixed focal-manual iris, fixed iris-manual focus, varifocal, motorized zoom lens options, and pinhole lenses. Each security camera lens we offer provides unique functionality and is designed for different surveillance applications. Auto-iris lenses are designed for outdoor use, or any applications with variable lighting conditions. Fixed lenses provide fixed focal lengths from super wide angle to telephoto depending on the camera format and intended application. Varifocal lenses are designed to meet a variety of applications, providing the flexibility to adjust between different focal lengths with a single lens.

100m, 500m or even 1km away objects can also be clearly displayed on the monitor. The decisive factor in this issue, in general, is the focal length of the lens, the longer the focal length, "see" the farther away, but at the same time the field of view is smaller, the results narrowed the viewing range.

standard lens

In order to be able to more clearly detect the target within the scope of monitoring and automatic tracking, the general requirements of the target in the CCD target surface occupies at least three lines of television lines. To be able to distinguish the characters, the general should ask the person's facial imaging in the 356mm (14in) monitor accounted for more than 12.7mm (0.5in).

In practical applications, users often ask the camera to see how far objects or the camera can see how wide the scene and other issues, which in fact should be selected by the focal length of the lens to decide, in addition to the The resolution of the selected camera and the resolution of the monitor.

The focal length of the optical system is the distance from the main point of the optical group to the focal point. And the focal length of the lens is actually a combination of the composition of the focal length of the lens group, which determines the size of the image taken with different focal length of the lens on the same location of the camera, with long focal length camera lens intake of the scene size Large, and vice versa, with a short focal length camera lens intake of the scene size is small.

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Surveillance lens refers to the monitoring camera lens. Since the surveillance lens is just a single video capture device, the pixel and resolution of the lens are higher than the video head of the computer; however, it can not catch up with the professional digital camera or dv.

To choose the surveillance lens of monitoring camera:

In order to be able to detect the targets within the scope of surveillance and to achieve the goal of tracking automatically, it is generally required to the target on the surface of CCD should occupy at least three lines of television. If you want to identify the characters, you should require the person’s facial image to account for more than 12.7mm (0.5in) on monitors with 356mm (14In) .

There is another method, which can be suitable to be used for lens with more than 4mm. For instance, if the focal length (unit : mm) of the lens is represented by X, then it is needed 2*X to see the details; the outline is X, and the main activity of the subject is X/2. If you choose the object to be measured with distance from the camera to monitor, you should choose X/2 to see the activity of subject, about 10mm to outline and 20mm to details.

To clean the surveillance lens of monitoring camera:

To wipe it with a clean brush or with paper.

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