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What Advantage does Sapphire Lens Have?

One type of part is indispensable in the composition of a watch, that is, the watch cover. After the renewal of the watch era, the watch cover has become wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and the material of the watch mirror today is mostly sapphire. Many people ask whether sapphire lenses have any advantages over other lenses?

At first, in order to protect the dial and movement of the pocket watch, the crystal was installed to play the role of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. The main component of the sapphire lens is aluminum oxide with impurities such as iron oxide and titanium oxide removed. Chemically speaking, there is no difference between synthetic sapphire and natural crystal.

The technology of synthetic sapphire was invented in the 19th century and has been used in watches since the 1960s. Aluminum oxide is made of pure aluminum oxide at high temperature to make original synthetic sapphire, which is then cut into discs by diamond tools, and then polished into a watch cover. However, the processing cost of sapphire watch mirrors is relatively high, and top watch brands generally use sapphire lenses. Mid-range watch brands use glass (or often called mineral glass). Although it is easy to scratch and reflect light, the scratched area can be polished.

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