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Rapid Prototyping

LRIP Rapid Prototyping

Hyperion Optics has leading advantages in rapid prototyping services for LRIP (Low-Rate Initial Production) and Proof-of-Concept projects.

  • Various fast material accesses, such as Schott, Ohara and CDGM. We also offer mold pressed substrates for prototyping at competitive pricing
  • More than 6,000+ test plate, which can dramatically shorten the overall lead time to delivery
  • Specialized prototyping production team to oversee project from procurement to delivery
  • Excellent internal resources aiming at 4-week delivery from grinding, polishing, to coating
  • Free initial prototype design consultation

We encourage you to communicate with us before finalizing your optical design. Our dedicated prototyping team will verify the material availability, material lead time, optimal solution of substrates selection and fabrication tolerance definition prior to production. We always strive to provide the most pragmatic suggestions to avoid unnecessary extended delivery.

Fast Molded Substrates

 Fast Molded Substrates

Raw Material Preparation Pressing vs. Slicing (Prototyping Qty)

Occasionally, optical designers may encounter prototyping challenges where there are multiple spherical elements from over 5 different glass suppliers in a 5-10 lens set design. In most cases, the project faces budget challenges with the spread across various materials due to limited material availability in the right blank sizes.

Unlike most Chinese vendors, Hyperion Optics has full access to Schott and Ohara glasses. Please see our glass inventory for your reference. Furthermore, all glasses listed are in pre-annealed sheet form. The pressed substrates solution has a +/-0.00002 precision refractive index tolerance after fine-annealing; typical lead time is 2 weeks from the receipt of the order.

Our engineers conduct cost-analysis for any project scale, and advise whether manufacturing from a glass strip or molded substrates would be the most cost-effective approach. We have the direct support from domestic glass molding vendors who strategically offer low MOQ molding services with the most reliable annealing technology. Our prototyping approach can ensure that your precious project budget is money well-spent.

Flexible Manufacturing Planning

Flexible Manufacturing Planning

Hyperion is equipped with advanced manufacturing devices and technologies, which offers unique advantages for LRIP projects by leveraging our internal resources.

1. Exhaustive Test Plates Inventory. Hyperion stores over 6,000+ test plates. Our vast inventory means that if our test plate stock radius data matches your design, there would be no added cost to the test plate, and the relative lead time can be shortened.

2. High Surface Accuracy by Conventional Processing. Our polishing operators have nearly 20 years of optics fabrication experience; we regularly deliver high-precision elements with 1/8-1/10 lambda surface flatness.

3. SPDT Aspherical Capability. Our aspherical machining and polishing techniques ensure that you don’t need to procure aspherical parts elsewhere.

4. Quick and Convenient Coating Bundle. For common coating specs in the Visible wavelength range, LRIP projects can be arranged along with our regular daily coating operation and reduces the overall coating cost.

Discuss with our sales engineers to explore how Hyperion can make your procurement easier and faster. Read more on our production capabilities next: Optical Components + Lens Assembly.

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