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Magnesium Fluoride Lenses

  • Introduction

Magnesium Fluoride Lenses

CVD magnesium fluoride (MgF2-CVD) has good mechanical properties, chemical stability, impact resistance, great anti thermal fluctuations and radiation. While it has excellent transmission from 0.11 to 9 um, suitable for optical lenses, wedge, and window manufacturing. MgF2 is also considered as durable material in deep UV and LWIR applications.

magnesium fluoride

Hyperion Optics offers custom parameter MgF2 lenses; we strictly control the alignment of C-Axis to avoid birefringence effects during usage. Please talk to our technicians of further information.

Magnesium Fluoride




Diameter Tolerance(mm)




Center Thickness(mm)




Wedge (Arc min)








Figure Tolerance inλ(Pow/irreg)

5 -3

3 - 1

2 - 1/4

Alignment of C-Axis

< 20 armin

Coating (T% avg)

Depends on Different Working Wavelength


Magnesium Fluoride

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