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What Are Micro Lenses? What Are the Characteristics?

The purpose of macro photography is to try to show the details of the subject in detail, and to present the subtle parts in full detail. In macro photography, there is a term that must be recognized, and it is magnification. Because macro photography is actually magnified photography, the magnification directly affects the effect of macro photography. So what is a microlens? What are its characteristics?

1. What are micro lenses?

A micro lens is a special lens used for macro photography, mainly used to shoot very fine objects, such as flowers and insects. The original design purpose of the micro-lens is for the reproduction of flat objects (documents, photos, paintings, etc.), and the requirements for the lens are naturally high image reproduction capabilities and perfect reproduction levels. In order to focus correctly on very close subjects, micro lenses are usually designed to be stretched longer to keep the optical center as far away as possible from the photosensitive element. At the same time, the design of the lens group must also focus on Control of distortion and chromatic aberration at distance.

2. What are the characteristics of micro lenses?

It is difficult to alternate close-up photography and ordinary photography by adding a close-up attachment to a general photographic lens. The micro lens is different. Its close-up does not depend on other close-up accessories. All close-up operations are performed on the lens itself. It can continuously focus from close-up to infinity, so that it can quickly adjust from close-up. It is convenient for photographers to alternate close-up photography and ordinary photography. The focal length of most micro lenses is larger than that of standard lenses and can be classified as telephoto lenses, but they may not be as optically designed as ordinary telephoto lenses, so they are not fully suitable for general photography.

3. Structures of micro lenses

Miniature lenses generally have two structures. One type of micro-lens adopts a structure with a built-in telescopic lens barrel, and the other adopts a structure in which the front and rear positions of the optical lens groups in the lens are exchanged. For the former, in ordinary photography, the photographer only needs to rotate the focusing ring of the lens to perform normal focusing. If he wants to take a close-up shot, he only needs to continue to rotate the focusing ring that has been rotated to the closest focusing point, and the entire optical system of the lens can be combined with the built-in optical system. The lens barrel moves forward synchronously, so as to increase the image distance and achieve the purpose of close-up;

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