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SWIR Lenses

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Hyperion Optics SWIR lens

Shortwave Infrared wavelength band offers a unique imaging advantages over visible and other thermal bands. So it is quietly earning a growing place in industrial machine vision for quality inspection and in military applications. SWIR lenses are utilized where other detectors or cameras are not sensitive enough for the finite detail recognition. At Hyperion Optics, we have developed a series of SWIR lenses to meet the latest advancement of SWIR technology. Our design is for high-resolution operation at low light level. It also offers a superior image quality, better transmission, and performance. Our SWIR lenses function in the wavelengths of 900nm-1700nm / 700nm-3400nm with the detector size up to 20mm diagonal and pixel size of 15-50μm.

SWIR lenses

Apart from off-the-shelf SWIR optics, Hyperion Optics offers custom SWIR system design, for glass selection, We offer Schott / OHARA based glass choices and has a wide range of Schott and OHARA molded substrates inventory in various diameter and CT which assist us to greatly lower down your investment on glass materials. further to minimize your investment, we offer actual tested refractive index and dispersion testing on CDGM and NHG material equivalents through 0.7μm to 2.5μm for a better performance optimizing at the lowest price. We also can disclose our internal material refractive index and dispersion test data (with correspondent materials stock) for designers to develop your own SWIR system upon request. Glass witness samples can be provided free of charge for index and dispersion testing on customers'side too.

Please talk to one of our experienced optical designers to know how it works.

 custom SWIR system design

For custom SWIR design, we encourage the customer to choose materials from NHG for cost-wise decision if your budgetary is tight. Please contact us for latest NHG glass catalog update, since NHG is keeping releasing new refractive index and dispersion data through VIS to 2500nm periodically.

Our custom SWIR prototyping project starts from 2 to 5 sets. For applications such as hyperspectral CCD spectrometer, we also work with customer’s design as a build to print, further to provide assembly and test service. (Including wavefront error, MTF, Transmission etc.)

Off-The-Shelf SWIR Lenses

Off-The-Shelf SWIR Lenses

If you need further SWIR optics technical support please contact us.


SWIR lenses refer to the camera that is particularly sensitive to the energy of the infrared region and the short wave infrared region within the range from 900nm to 1700nm. This feature makes it very effective in detecting photoelectric effects in particular cases.

The design of SWIR Lenses:

What makes SWIR imaging special is that it can extract the image detail in the deep shadow and can carry on imaging penetrating the windows.

Generally, InGaAs indium gallium arsenide camera needs to be combined with specially designed high—precision short wave infrared lens, so as to give full play to its performance. The high performance, high—resolution short wave infrared lens provided by our company has been comprehensively optimized to provide the highest quality shortwave infrared imaging.

The application of swir lenses:

It is applied for monitoring the maintenance prevention during day and night, solar panels, semiconductor wafer inspection, laser light energy analysis, artwork non-destructive inspection, medical imaging, biometrics, aerial photography, and food sorting.

 The quality of swir lenses:

The transmissivity of our SWIR lenses‘ wavelength coverage can reach over 75%, providing high—definition pictures. We also offer the lenses with 500—1700mm of wavelength coverage, whose transmissivity can reach 90% +/- 5% within the entire wavelength range. It is especially suitable to be used in the dark or at night.

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