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Trap Vacuum Housing

Advantages of our trap vacuum housing:

  • Protects pumps from foreign materials
  • Select inserts for trapping particles, water, oil or corrosive chemicals
  • Transparent sump shows when to change insert
  • Simple to maintain – change inserts without removing from the vacuum system

Parameters / PN#




Side Windows

3 x CF4.5”

5 x CF1.33”

5 x CF1.33”

Main Windows


2 x CF4.5”,re-entrant window on top, NAmax>0.8(接受定制)

Atomic Sources

Heating oven (can be updated to laser ablation)

Heating oven

Heating oven/ laser ablation

Window Material

Fused Silica/ C-cut Sapphire

Window Reflectance

< 8 % per surface without AR coating, AR coating design options

Electric Connector

4 pin RF, 15-pin DC

4 pin RF, 14-pin DC

4 pin RF, 19-pin DC

Vacuum Pressure

<10^-11 Torr

Trap type

Blade trap

or customized

Paul trap

or customized

Blade trap

or customized

Body Material

304ss/ 316L/ Titanium

Integrated Pump

NEG, ion pump

Ion pump, TSP

NEG, ion pump

Updating Options

AR Coating

Inquire for options coating designs optimized for Ba, Yb, and Ba-Yb co-trapping available. Customization acceptance. Yb+: <1%@355nm &369nm &375nm &435nm &935nm

Chip Connector

Inquire for chip based custom design: 100pin CPGA

Atom Species

Ba (BaAl alloy) , Yb (Metal) , Inquire for other species

Temperature Sensor

Thermocouple/ Cryogenic compatible sensor/ Customer specified


Cryostat and cold finger design