Hyperion Optics
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Trap Vacuum Housing

Advantages of our trap vacuum housing: 

  • Protects pumps from foreign materials
  • Select inserts for trapping particles, water, oil or corrosive chemicals
  • Transparent sump shows when to change insert
  • Simple to maintain – change inserts without removing from the vacuum system

Optical Access

2 through axes 45° 2 single-sided direction (see diagram on reverse)

Side Windows

7 windows with0.2NA

Top Window

2 windows with0.8NA

Atomic Sources

Oven or ablation target

Window Material

Fused Silica/ C-cut Sapphire


< 8 % per surface without AR coating


Multi-pin feedthrough

Vacuum Pressure

<10^-11 Torr

Trap type

Blade or customized

Body Material

316L / Titanium

Integrated Pump

Non-evaporable getter pumping / ion pump


AR Coating

Inquire for options

Coating designs optimized for Ba, Yb, and

Ba-Yb co-trapping available

Chip Connector

Inquire for chip based custom design

100pin CPGA for chip


Ba (BaAl alloy)

Yb (Metal)

Inquire for other species

Temperature Sensor

Thermocouple/ cryogenic compatible sensor/ Customer specified


Cryostat and coldfinger design

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