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NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System

Hyperion Optics is expertized in challenging custom design and manufacturing microscope objective lenses range from UV to Infrared wavelength, for applications including quantum computing (Observation lenses), please refer to our quantum photonics optics for your further information.  Our diffractive limit microscope objective lenses fit for most research oriented labs applications and commercial microscope devices. 

We also offer over 60+ various magnifications and numerical aperture specification off-the-shelf lenses for you to pick up from; please download our microscope objective lens catalog. Hyperion Optics works closely with the most advanced quantum computing science companies who are focusing on new banking technology, further gained valuable experience not only in objective lenses but also the integration knowledge of the entire observation unit. Do not hesitate to contact us for free technique support and consultation if you are building your own quantum structure unit, we are more than happy to discuss the feasibility with our own experience.

Hyperion Scientific has the ability to develop custom NUV objective lenses with various working distance and N.A. to adopt your quantum system. We also have off-the-shelf objective lenses that are widely used in this field with typical working wavelength. Talk to us today to find out how we can help with your setup.

NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System


Φ29mm *45mm

Magnification β




Working Distance,W.D.(mm)


Cover Glass (mm)

4 mm Fused silica

EFL (mm)


Working Wavelength(nm)

355nm , 369nm

Resolution (μm)


Depth of Focus(μm):



Φ 0.42 mm

NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System
NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System
NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System
NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System
NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System

Our capability of DFM( design for manufacturing) input ensures your expectation can be fully met, we have developed unique bordure process which effectively increase optical axis alignment precision to 0.1arcmin ~0.3arcmin per element which is considered critical in microscope objective lenses manufacturing, also with -0.005~-0.015 mm outer diameter tolerance control which almost eliminate assembly error. Our techniques contribute to the performance tremendously, even for diffractive limit applications.

Hyperion Optics has mature and high performance design for achromat, semi-apochromat, apochromat objective lenses. Our manufacturing capability enables us to involve CaF2 (calcium fluorite) sphere or even CaF2 aspherical surfaces in your demanding application, including doublet or triplet with calcium fluorite element adhered. Please refer to our calcium fluorite and aspherical parts manufacturing capability introduction for details. 

We are specialized in designing and manufacturing ultra-long working distance, high numerical aperture diffractive limit microscope objectives. We also offer reverse engineering service for your own project development; please refer to our reverse engineering page for more information.
NUV Objective Lens for Quantum System
  • Multi-photon Microscopy 
  • Atom Trapping 
  • Confocal Microscopy 
  • STED Microscopy 
  • Deep Tissues Imaging 
  • Microscopy & Analysis of Quantum Structures 
  • Super Resolution Microscopy 
  • Live Cell Fluorescent Microscopy