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Ion Trap Electrode System

Features and advantages:            

Advanced technology precision manufacturing: electrode characteristic size 150-300um, spacing 30-100um, high integrated density, good consistency.            

Dense gold plating process: the positive and negative sides of the electrode are plated with gold, and the thickness of gold layer can reach 3-5um or more. 
High reliable contact, excellent conductivity And electrical parameters.           

X-shaped blade electrode system: the world's advanced ion trapping electrode system reduces the abnormal heating noise of phonons in the system.         
Precision alignment and test: electrode alignment has an important influence on the stability of ion trapping. The more precise the alignment, the more stable the ion trapping.            

The longer the time and coherence time are. Each electrode system we leave the factory is strictly selected, adjusted, aligned, tested and so on, The results show that each electrode is the best and the precision is better than 10um. Free from the core trouble of ion trap system preparation, Consistency provides a stable and reliable guarantee for your experimental accuracy and repeatability.Electrode and trapping signal control: the RF voltage is used for global ion trapping, and 6-10 independent multi-channel DC signal is used to control the separation The properties of the transport. More RF and DC channels can be customized.

Precision filter system: the noise of DC control signal is very important for ion stabilization. For any electronic noise, Both the stability of ion trapping and the coherence time have important effects. The filter system designed by us can greatly reduce the electronic noise of the system. Customized atomic source: optional generation mode of atomic source thermal evaporation and laser ablation. The atomic source of thermal evaporation is simple and easy to obtain  Small is easy to imprison. Laser ablation method has the advantages of low pollution, high loading rate and high loading speed. The type of ions to be trapped can be selected, and to integrate multiple atomic sources in the same system.           

 In addition, it can be used to observe and detect trapped ions

Parameters/ PN#





Paul trap

Needle trap

Blade trap

Electrodes Numbers


(6 x DC control channels)


(6 x DC control channels)


(10 x DC control channels)


Dia. 0.5mm rods

Dia. 0.5mm rods

24mm*12mm rectangle

Minimum Electrodes

Spacing (mm)




Electrodes materials




Alignment accuracy

<30 um

<30 um

<10 um

Updating Options

filter networks

Low pass filters (LPF)

cutoff frequency<0.5MHz

Elemental Species



2 or more

DC control channels

More channels can be inquired for customized