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From years of experience in optical design & optimization, lens assembly, and parts fabrication, we uncovered a largely underserved demand for advanced engineering and technical support. This demand is especially unmet for R&D projects and initial application assessment within the scientific community. Thus, we are launching the Scientific sub-brand in summer 2018 with the goal of providing more specialized tech service for scientists and scientific researchers.

Hyperion Scientific is a leading supplier of scientific instruments. Our products revolve around frontier quantum physics, such as: cold atoms, trapped ion system, high brightness quantum entanglement, quantum key distribution, and stabilized frequency laser systems. These systems cover narrow bandwidth laser, ultrahigh vacuum state, optical customization, microwave electronics, and timing control. The Scientific team can provide feasibility studies and offer unique solutions catered to your R&D challenges in your specific field of science.

As a sub-brand of Hyperion Optics, Hyperion Scientific can leverage the extensive experience from optical design and manufacturing to better serve the science community. Hyperion Scientific aims at providing a full range of services for professionals within the scientific R&D and related fields, including but not limited to: design, design optimization, fabrication, and complete assembly.

Hyperion Scientific would be your optimal choice if you are seraching for one or more of the following

  • Capabilities and experience in science field-related manufacturing
  • Expertise in photonics and opto-mechanical design & engineering
  • R&D prototyping, fabrication, and supply chain management
  • Electronics and software integration capabilities
  • Capability to turn conceptual design into a reality
  • Interdisciplinary engineering and manufacturing capabilities
  • Competitive advantage in leveraging top-notch scientific expertise within quantum physics and related fields

Currently, Hyperion Scientific can provide the following services:

  • Atomic physics: ion entrapment, cold atoms, stabilized frequency laser systems
  • Quantum optics: Quantum entanglement, diffraction limit objective lens systems
  • Ultrahigh vacuum preparation customization: observation windows, ultrahigh vacuum chamber
  • And related optics and mechanical component design and fabrication (such as high-precision optical adjustment fixtures and custom coated optics in specified working wavelengths)

Meanwhile, Hyperion Scientific is manufacturing and licensing products from various major laboratory brands. In conjunction with Hyperion Optics’ expertise in optics manufacturing, Hyperion can better serve the scientific lab community by providing a one-stop-shop experience. We will regularly update our product lines and licensed products, so stay tuned!


  • Entanglement SourceEntanglement SourceOctober 27, 2017The parametric process is that the photon is not changing the quantum state of the nonlinear medium when interacting with the non-linear crystal, so the energy momentum is conserved between the photon...view
  • Trapping CoreTrapping CoreApril 16, 2020Radial axis angle: 60°/120° angle or inquire for customizedBlade electrodes space separation: 500umSurface coating: gold or inquire for customizedAlignment accuracy: less than 20um orless than 5um b...view
  • Trap Vacuum HousingTrap Vacuum HousingApril 16, 2020Advantages of our trap vacuum housing: Protects pumps from foreign materialsSelect inserts for trapping particles, water, oil or corrosive chemicalsTransparent sump shows when to change insertSimple t...view
  • AccessoriesAccessoriesApril 16, 2020At Hyperion Sientific, we provide various accessories for your scientific setup. Including silver coated bolts, copper gasket, bellows tubing, and wide arrange of vacuum pump and viewport. Contact us ...view
  • NUV Objective Lens for Quantum SystemNUV Objective Lens for Quantum SystemApril 17, 2020Hyperion Scientific has the ability to develop custom NUV objective lenses with various working distance and N.A. to adopt your quantum system. We also have off-the-shelf objective lenses that are wid...view
  • Ion Trap Electrode SystemIon Trap Electrode SystemJuly 29, 2020Features and advantages: Advanced technology precision manufacturing: electrode characteristic size 150-300um, spacing 30-100um, high integrated density, good consistency. Dense ...view