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Large Quantity Components

If you are developing a large quantity lens, such as surveillance lens, collimators, or objective lens which are highly cost sensitive, please don’t hesitate to contact us and talk about it. We have direct supply from CDGM molding factory that offering second to none quality molding substrates service at unbeatable price exactly fit your needs while keeping the cost as low as possible from a material purchase at first place.

We can disclose the raw material cost (molding substrates) upon request, if you are looking for more detailed cost break down, we’d love to get a quote and provide feedback for your project budget study purpose.

We are more than happy to provide different materials mix quotation for your budgetary study at large volume quantity, that sometimes, replacing materials while keeping identical performance is the best way to control your budget and increase your profit.

Our typical lead time of molded substrates is around 20 days, which means we will develop grinding and polishing tooling at the same time, and get started right on the 21st day after receipt of order. Normally we can complete one type of the lens from your design within 3-4 days, from grinding, polishing, edging and coating. Hence, for a 7-9 elements lens, 1000 sets, 1-2 doublets involved, our lead time is around only 4 to 4.5 weeks, 20 days material receiving period included.

We commit to returning the investment on high-speed polishing tooling when the quantity exceeds 1000 sets, which would save thousands of dollars further when the volume goes up.

Our standard high-speed polishing process tolerance control:
















3 arc min

1 arc min

Cosmetic After Coating



Coating: AR coating from VIS to IR wavelength

Talk to our engineers today and let us help you with your specific projects and requirement.

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